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Christmas Markets are in full swing!

Little Princess statue

Saint Michaels Basilica

The Great Market

Interesting preserves!

Happy trader

I must have gotten more sleep than I thought – our I was just bone tired from being constantly woken! I manage to get down the tiny ladder to use the bathroom and was surprised to find that it was 7:40am; we were due to arrive into Budapest at 8:30am.

Trying not to wake Craig, I got dressed and ventured outside of our little cocoon to find a beautiful, golden morning. I have to say, the autumn leaves really are stunning in this part of the world.

After chatting with the conductor, I was told in passing that our train wasn’t headed to Kelti station as we had though, it was arriving instead at Nyugati. I lost the reason in the translation but as it turned out, this station was one metro stop from our AirBnB apartment so it was certainly more convenient.

We had asked for an early check in and as we had two hours to kill, found a really nice café on the next corner from the apartment and settled in for some breakfast and planning.

I have to say, Budapest is a magnificent city. The architecture is amazing, food wonderful (even if its all a bit light on for vegetables, salad or fruit!) language isn’t an issue, the trains run every 2 minutes or less (I am not kidding!) and everything is very clean. The added bonus is its really well priced. Hence, even though we have a fully equipped apartment, I haven’t been doing any cooking!

From what I have seen so far, I really love Budapest. When we arrived in Prague, I thought that was the best city I had ever been to. Then I went to Krakow and changed my mind. Now I am in Budapest and it take top spot.

But who knows, later in the week its Vienna and everyone, including the Hungarians, keep telling me Vienna is even more beautiful. Let’s see if I agree.

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