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Because we have come here before the RV show takes place, it is not nearly as crowded with vendors and shoppers as it will be in a few weeks. But it is clear that many RV'ers who still work for a living bring all manner of goods here to the desert, live cheaply in their rigs all winter, and sell enough stuff to support themselves. And because things are not so crowded we found a parking place in the lot instead of ending up at a 30ยบ angle in an arroyo surrounded by signs warning that the area could flood.

Ken needed a wire that plugged into the wall on one end and into a cigarette lighter on the other end, so that gave us a hardware related theme today. But this is the sort of shopping where you really should not have anything specific in mind; it's impulse shopping. While I appreciated the fact that most of the hardware goods were sold in bins and you could buy the quantity you needed rather than the amount sealed into a plastic bubble pack, I quickly lost interest and ended up taking photographs of whatever caught my eye. Many vendors sell exotic rocks and minerals here throughout the season, but we plan to attend the gem show in Tucson next month which is an astonishing experience, so we strolled past them as well as extensive collections of Indian jewelry. When you spend most of your life in t-shirts and jeans, you don't need more jewelry, as beautiful as it was.

So this continues to be an inexpensive stop and we will have to head to Harbor Freight to buy what we really need.

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