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Picnic Rocks - we wonder how one reaches them for a picnic

Enormous ore dock

Huge ore ship picking up a load

Lake Superior

Headed up to Thomas Rock Overlook through the white birch trees

If there are rocks, people will climb them

Overlook at Thomas Rock with Lake Superior far below

Thomas Rock - note the lack of autumn colors

Lighthouse at Big Bay was built in 1898

We found an interesting dirt road

We did not realized all of the leaf does not change color...

Beautiful color

Wonderful use of local materials

Marquette, MI Today we went nowhere which took us 64 miles to do. We drove a big loop starting with the Presque Isle Park. “Presque Isle” means almost an island. This is a well-used city park that has pebble beaches, rocky cliffs, bogs, and forest. We were intrigued by two rocky islands called Picnic Rocks. How does one reach these sites in order to have a picnic? It was too deep and cold to wade across the water and there was no bridge. From there we followed country roads, some paved and some not, looking for the beautiful colors of fall. We were not very successful. We clamored up to a viewpoint on Thomas Rock and looked out over Big Bay and Lake Superior. We could see for miles and saw little sign of leaves that had changed color. After checking out Big Bay Lighthouse, we reached the top of our loop and started back. We were surprised that, although we were now more inland, a lot more of the trees had changed color. It was a beautiful day with a vividly blue sky and bright sun so the colors looked especially lovely.

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