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Al and Sue’s last day with us was a relaxing one. When you are looking forward to an 11pm departure for a fourteen hour flight, you want to begin the journey in good condition. The campground was a nice place to just hang and chat and enjoy the views of the sea and the sound of the surf. We had lots to talk about. They are close to retirement and thinking of a lifestyle like ours. Although their country is as large as ours, RV’ing is a different experience there. Most of the people live near the sea where the climate is temperate and mild. The vast middle of the country is desert and dust with little to offer an RV’er. Large motor homes like ours are rarely available, very expensive and probably unsuitable for many of the roads there. They were intrigued with the thought of buying a rig here and coming over for six months at a time to explore our country. But it sounded like their first priority is to finish seeing their own. As they should.

Their late departure meant that we had no difficulty getting them to the airport on time. Rush hour on the expressways was over. We really enjoyed our time together; there are some people you just click with. It’s a shame that they live so far away, but we still have some unfinished items on our Australia check list. Their visit with us has moved up our desire to take a similar fourteen mile flight sooner rather than later. The sun was setting behind the Pescadero light house as we returned to the campground.

The route north to our next campground found us retracing the drive we had just taken through down town San Francisco to Petaluma. But the drive feels very different in a motor home than it does in the car. The narrow parts of Rt. 1 next to the cliff sides felt so much more narrow. The traffic clogged streets of down town San Francisco that lead to the Golden Gate Bridge were much too clogged for me, but Ken drove as if he enjoyed every minute. The views from the motor home are different as well. As we passed the plant nurseries of Half Moon Bay, I could see fields of tulips blooming. I had no idea they had been there even though we had driven through many times. And the views of the bridge were even more amazing from on high.

We have come inland to a more reasonably priced campground away from the sea coast in a county fairground. Our cell phones work here; it’s nice to be able to make a phone call again, but there’s still no wi fi. We also get no TV over the air except for a few Spanish stations. Are we still in the US? We are just north of the Sonoma/Napa valleys and their 2,100 vineyards. We wonder how people choose which ones to visit. We’ve made no reservations past this point and will take some time here to figure out where we’re heading next. The ultimate goal is still Vancouver Island. This is one of the many reasons we love RV’ing. The flexibility of this life style make us feel so free after a life time of schedules and appointments.

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