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Carpe at Cedarbrook RV, Lebanon, OH
Another overpriced, mediocre park where there is...

Welcome to Ohio
On I 80 heading west

Visiting Kevin & Barb in Columbus
They are the ultimate hosts

School of Geology Library on Ohio State Campus
Kevin gave us the "Cooks...

USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton
We spent two full days here &...

USAF Museum Dayton
B 29 "Bok's Car" that dropped "Fat Boy" on Nagasaki

USAF Museum Dayton
B2 Bomber

USAF Museum Dayton
Beautifully restored B26

USAF Museum Dayton
A B36 bomber, probably the only one left

USAF Museum Dayton
Pratt & Whitney R4360—28 cyliners, 3,500 HP, powers B36 among...

USAF Museum Dayton
Cousin "Jim" squired us around one of his favorite places

USAF Museum Dayton
Bob standing under B47 nose

USAF Museum Dayton
Colombine, Dwight Eisenhower's presidential plane

USAF Museum Dayton
Independence served Harry Truman

USAF Museum Dayton
The ill-fated Valkrie, about the most beautiful plane ever built

USAF Museum Dayton
Valkarie's "hot section" with six afterburner equipped turbojets

USAF Museum Dayton
Valkarie landing gear with two Swansons

USAF Museum
Sandi with military version of J3 Cub. She flew a Cub...

USAF Museum
A B1B bomber

USAF Museum
Bob snapping a C119 "Flying Boxcar"

USAF Museum
The Memphis Belle is being restored

USAF Museum
A U2 reconnasance plane

USAF Museum
"Exit thru the Gift Ship". Sandi visits with museum bears

Sun, 19 Jun: We left Mercer's RV Village Campground about 0815. Saturday was another noisy, smoky night with all the golf carts and campfires. We'll return here, but never again on a weekend...

Our route took us back to I 80 to Akron, and then I 76 to I 71 and on to Lebanon. For the most part it was a lovely 288 mile drive, except for the places where Ohio forgot to pave the roads. Some of them were pretty "gnarly". We topped off the diesel tank just east of Youngstown where diesel was 20¢/gallon less than in Pennsylvania.

We arrived at Lebanon's Cedarbrook RV Campground around 1445, and as Sandi was checking in and Bob disconnecting the car the skies opened up. We got to finish the disconnect process, park the coach, get her set up in an absolute deluge. Of course, once we finished all the outside work it stopped... Our space is lovely, forested, and "compact". Meaning it is small with so many trees we can't get satellite reception. Oh well!

Mon, 20 Jun: A quasi-lazy rainy day. We drove to the Costco north of Cincinnati to fill in our Costco list. Of course we chucked the diet and splurged for Costco's lunch goodies (pizza slice for Sandi and a frank for Bob). We drove to Centerville for dinner with Bob's Aunt Betty and cousin Jim and wife Linda. It was great to see Betty up and about (she's 89), in fact she cooked the entire dinner. Great chow.

Tue, 21 Jun: And a happy Summer Solstice to all... An exciting morning at the local coin laundry. Amazing how quickly those bags fill. This was a beautiful laundry with several supersize machines. We were in and out in about 1½ hours.

About 1300 we "hit the road" in Dinkum for Columbus, some 90 miles back up I 71. We arrived at the Ohio Supercomputer Center a bit before 1500 where we met our dear friend Kevin Wohlever. We both worked with Kevin during our Bay City days and have always held he and his lovely bride Barb in the highest of regard. It has been far too long since we've last visited with them.

Kevin gave us a super tour of OSC and the Ohio State campus. It is a most amazing campus, just about the largest either of us have visited. It is just beautiful and we understand some of the Buckeye Pride. We then went to their beautiful home where we got to visit with Barb until dinnertime when they treated us at their favorite BBQ "joint". Excellent food with a varied enough menu to cater to our dietary needs.

All too soon we had to leave for the drive back to Lebanon. We got home just about 2200, very tired but elated with our visit. We're so fortunate to have such special friends.

Wed, 22 Jun: Yet again that blasted alarm clock shattered our retiree slumber. But, today is a very special day so we've got to get with it. Today we visit the United States Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB. This is a place we've been wanting to visit for years, and today is the day!

We got our acts together, packed the cameras and headed for Cousin Jim's place. Jim is a big museum fan so he offered to chauffer us there and squire us about. He knows his way around, so we were very grateful for his offer. First off we visited the Presidential and Experimental Aircraft hangers, which is an hour tour (not nearly long enough).

Then, with the exception of a lunch break we were at it nonstop until our legs gave out about 1600. We took zillions of pix, many of which are included in this posting. We didn't even come close to seeing everything, there's just so much to see.

It was a super day, and on Friday Bob and I plan a return visit to see the other two hangers as well as take the special "back lot" tour.

Thu, 23 Jun: Boy, was it ever good to sleep in a bit and not worry about the alarm. After breakfast we made a WalMart run, and then spent the rest of the day working around the coach, mostly on the computers.

We met with Joan and Ken Tarkin who shared one of their favorite Mexican restaurants with us. The food was fairly good, and Sandi finally got some hot sauce that was hot enough to slow her down. After that they took us sightseeing to see the Lebanon area. All too soon our evening was over and we headed back to our respective coaches.

Fri, 24 Jun: Another alarm day, but this time not quite as early. We got ready for the day and left the coach about 0830 and arrived at the Museum of the United States Air force about 0915. This time we headed for the furthest hall, the Space Age, and worked our way back. We got to spend most of the morning in the Cold War Hall, which contains B1, B2, B47, and B36 bombers along with U2, C130 gunships, and many more very interesting aircraft.

Shortly before noon we checked in at the "Behind the Scenes" tour and boarded the bus for the restoration area. In three hangers (as well as outside) are all the aircraft that are undergoing restoration or scheduled to do so in the future. They have several famous aircraft, including the Memphis Belle, the first B17 to complete 25 missions with the Eighth Air Force. It was a fascinating three hours/

We ended our visit in the Skypark, where they have some very interesting aircraft, including a C119, C41, KC135. and even a Lockheed Lodestar.

On our way back to Lebanon we stopped to say goodbye to Aunt Betty and Cousin Jim (Linda was still at work). It was good to see them, but the RV park can't let us stay another nite so we must move on.

We very much enjoyed our Dayton area visit and hope to return...

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