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Guess where this road called "Aneheim" will lead you...

To Disneyland

Downtown Disney

Let the memories begin, that is our motto

Mickey himself

To in front of the castle

Disneyland's Castle where they say Tinker Bell lives. She must as we...

The moose got loose

The bear

Tom in front of the treehouse

Debbie in front of the treehouse

Today is our day to visit "Disneyland". John and Jan left this morning to head back to David and Clarietta's while Tom and I went to visit our favorite mouse known as "Mickey Mouse" here at Disneyland. We had never been to Disneyland but have been to Disney World many many times. It is the most magical place on earth.

So we wanted to compare Disneyland with Disney World. It was fantastic but really any comparison except they both have a Mickey Mouse and the other disney characters and a few of the same rides. The castle at Disneyland was much smaller.

Disney wanted to make Disneyland bigger but all the land around his park was bought before he could get it, so he wanted another park so he took what use to be the parking lot for Disneyland and turned it into "Disney's California Adventure". This is a totally separate park. They then built a multiple story parking garage which service both parks. A tram picks you up near the parking garage and makes one stop at the entrance. Actually it is the entrance to both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. You just make a different turn once you pass through the security gate.

So today was Disneyland. We got there early and stayed until around 6pm. Then went back to the motorhome (which was parked in their lot for large vehicles) and took a one hour nap after something quick to eat. How cools is that.

Then we caught the tram back to the part at 7pm and stayed till their closing at 11:00pm. We got to see the fantastic fireworks then also got to see the last showing of Fantasmic (a disney water type show). It was great.

Then after a long day we went back about 20 minutes and bookdocked in the LazyDaze parking lot for the night.

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