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The mission that was my bus ride from Paysandu to Puerto Igazu became worse once I had detoured to Concepcion. Upon arrival I determined that there was no ATM that would take Mastercard at the bus terminal, and the only one in town was 9 blocks away. Having only 45 minutes before the bus arrived I legged it across town and back, arriving with about 5 minutes to spare.

However, then the ticket computer broke down in Concepcion, meaning I could not buy a ticket anyway and would have to purchase one of the driver if there was one available. I then proceeded to wait for the bus, which was several hours late (and of course, the guys behind the desk had no idea where it was!). When it finally turned up there was about 15 minutes of furious 'negotiation' between the driver and the desk guys before they would sell me a ticket. I finally boarded, at 13 hours later (overnight), here I am in Puerto Igazu. The main attraction here is the waterfalls, which are supposed to rival Niagara for their beauty and spectacular nature. As I have now not slept properly in a couple of days, have decided to wait until tomorrow to have a look at (when I'm not half asleep!).

So plan for today is to cruise around town and see what it has to offer.

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