The Adventure Begins in '10' (2010) travel blog

Well,we are ready to get on the road again.

We leave tomorrow morning for Newport, Oregon. We applied for the work-camping job at YaQuina Head Lighthouse last year before we retired and here we are.....It's time!!!!

We need to be at the dealership in Twin Falls at 9:00 am so they can do the factory recall work on the refrigerator and generator and then we'll be on the road. :)

The weather is looking fairly calm so we should have an easy trip. We are taking our Toyota Camry this time so we can go on coastal highway drives and park easily when we go to town, etc. We are not set up for towing a car behind the trailer - wouldn't work in Oregon we will each be driving - and I guess if he gets tired of driving the dually we can switch off now that I am "experienced".

Rick is feeling well enough to have no reservations about going. The surgeon released him about two weeks ago and Monday we found out that the blood clot has pretty much resolved itself, so he does not have to continue the Coumadin...Yeah!!! He has been responding to fire calls for the past three weeks, being careful not to lift too much, and we have been working out at the Jerome Rec District for the past month. (Gotta' be able to do the 114 stairs in the lighthouse!)

Well, hopefully I will be posting again in the next day or two.

On the road again ....(you know the tune!)

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