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Guarding our belongings on the night ferry

Ok. So Rikke and I are attempting to go from Lake Bunyoni to Dar Es Salaam in a bunch of stages. Stage one, takes us to Masaka. From there, we go to the border and stay in a shity little town on the Tanzanian side. Now, we are in Bukoba and will catch a ferry to Mwanza. Found out the train we wanted to catch from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam is full. We are a bit fucked because of that.

We'll try to work it out though. Oh yeah, and I got this heart condition now. The last week or so my heart has kept skipping a beat. At first I thought my lungs were vibrating or something but I went to the Dr here (which is a story onto itself) and it turns out that my heart is firing electrical signals from the wrong area, which really sucks.

Rikke has been so suportive while I panic my heart will fail (which probably might lead it to fail cuase of the stress). When I was set up to a heart monitor she noticed that there were these small little blips in the wrong direction that signaled the skipped beat. But then, when there was a huge skipped beat she started chearing me on. It really pumped me up and made me want to produce more and more skipped heart beats. Jesus christ Rikke, you want me to die?

Anyway, not many photo's at this point, but we are definatly off the beat and track in a part of the world that is off the beat and track already. Next few posts should show the stages of our travel itinerary.

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