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River past our hostel (on the bank on the left) into Coffee...

Traditional Rondavel huts in this area

Em hangs by the kitchen in Bomvu

Dog trying to persuade us to give him some of our brecko!...

Our room/hut in Coffee Bay

View from hill away from Coffee Bay

Em from the top of the hill!!!

View of Coffee Bay and beyond......

Seepo the Bongo man!

Seepo trying to explain how to play the bongos.....not for the first...

Playing the bongos appears to have turned my beard afro!!

I beat the dude up behind Emma cos he kept on staring...

We are fire starters, smelly fire starters.............HEY HEY HEYYYY!!!!

We left Buccaneers with a heavy heart today as it is a really beautiful chilled out hostel (or village!) and the weather has been amazing. And it's winter man!!!

We went up the coast to coffee bay and drove for 2 hours through loads of villages/hills/mountains with loads of terquoise painted shacks. It was really amazing and quite humbling to see how the Africans live in this part of the world.

Bomvu was a cool hostel but very quiet and we have decided to take a detour on the way up to Jo'berg so we had to cut our stay to one night.

Oh we had a bongo lesson this evening though.

Cool but a lot tougher than it looks!!!

Me and Pettet were the only ones to get it though!!!

Rock 'n' Roll baby!!!!

Anyway Coffee Bay is completely different to the rest of Africa that we have seen so far but really amazing and quite humbling.


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