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Hello Everyone!

Last night Peter blew out the candles of his birthday cake and made some comment that had us laughing……as you will notice we had our photo taken at just that time!

Today it took us just shy of 2 hours to travel this is last leg of our journey to Drumheller. Up to Calgary we’d driven just over 1450 km and we had generally pleasant roads the whole way. Leaving Calgary the roads were fine and it wasn’t until we were about 45 minutes away from Drumheller that we encountered snowy, slushy roads. By the time we reached the badlands the roads were dry and clear and we headed down the hill towards the valley below. The contrast from prairie to the valley is quite striking. On the prairies you have the flat fields and some trees. Down here we see a dessert like climate with a few trees, sagebrush and sandy hills eroded by years of water from icebergs dating back to the ice age meltdown.

Once we leave the town of Drumheller (approx. pop. 7800) we head to Hwy 838 otherwise known as North Dinosaur Trail. This campground is only a 10 minute drive from town and we took a photo of our first view – arriving in the off season. We can hardly wait for the weather to warm and the land and trees to green and take another photo showing the difference.

As we have said many times before – the only constant in our lives is that we can change our minds any day! Once again we have made another change. We are staying in a 40 x 80 foot quansat that has been converted into a huge 2 storey house for the staff to live. Our room is the only one located on the main floor and we have decided it works very well and we will stay here all summer – so we brought our tent and don’t need it after all. We have a huge king size bed – I get lost in it – and there is a large common kitchen and living area and two bathrooms for the staff to share. We figure it should work out well.

Hope you had a wonderful day – till later Peter & Connie

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