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Christina likes our little home!

Traditional Greek Ceremony!

Elle & Louka!

With Military Honors!

Tina & Marty

MOB, Mary with Ms. Kaye!

Best friends, Tina, Mary, Lynda

Morning walk on the beach!

Happy Hour "Portugese-style"!

Showing off new glasses!

After our exciting Memorial weekend in Sacramento and Stephanie's graduation and family gatherings, we "decompressed" a few days in Brannan Island before returning to Petaluma for a week.

We both finished all our dr. appointments successfully, meaning "you're physically good though mentally questionable", but we knew that already! We were good grandparents and helped Norm and Wendy as much as possible with getting Noelle to and from school and softball practice. We enjoyed a final lunch at our favorite Dempsey's, workouts at 24-Hour Fitness, and walks/runs around Shollenberger Park.

We (that would be "me") shopped for new "thinner" clothes, lost the car keys and had a panic attack! We do not have a second cell phone nor do we have a duplicate set of car keys (though I have repeatedly suggested it might be a good idea!). So I backtracked to all the shops with no success and finally broke down and called Wendy to come get me. Thank God, we were not in a strange town knowing absolutely no one! I resisted the urge to cry and called Norm a very bad word when he laughed at me! I yelled at Howard for not having extra keys made as they were not in my job description! I went back to the mall lost and found where I was asked to describe my key ring, brain goes blank, and then "aha" it comes to me, a souvenir from Costa Rica. Right answer and the keys magically appeared! We now have an extra set which cost the exhorbitant amount of $175 at the local jeep dealer thanks to the mandatory computer chip!

On Sunday, June 8th, we left early for the drive down to Half Moon Bay State Park for 5 nights. We quickly got parked and set-up, showered and all dressed up for a drive over to Oakland. Today is longtime family friend, Elle's, "Big Fat Greek Wedding" at the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church in Oakland. We reunite with good friends from Moss Beach, Tina and husband, Marty and also Elle's mom, Mary Golder, another best friend from the "old days". The ceremony was very traditional and the priest sang the liturgy. Elle's husband, Louka, was attended by full military regalia as befits his impressive service history. Elle, always so beautiful, reigned in pure radiance. Mary with son, Alex, was bursting with joy and pride as were all of us who for so many years were each others' extended families and support system! After the church ceremony wonderful Greek hors d'ouerves and drinks were served outside in the courtyard prior to the delicious dinner, entertainment and celebration held in one of the impressive reception areas. Louka announced that contrary to the movie, spitting would not be allowed!

Half Moon Bay actually had decent weather for June, mid-70's and mostly clear! We always enjoy coming back "home" to the Coastside, especially spending time with Terri, Clint and Daniel. They all came over for a barbecue one night. Terri and I got to spend an entire day together which is rare and long overdue. There were haircuts and highlights, a great sushi lunch, and shopping for her belated birthday present. We laughed and hugged, argued and cried - we are family after all! - and had a wonderful day! We had long morning walks along the coastal trail and lunch with Tina at the Brewery. On our final night we were treated to a typical "Portugese Happy Hour" at Clint's, meaning everyone sits outside in the front yard with their food and drinks, playing with the dog and visiting with all the neighbors. Terri fixed platters of cold-cuts, bread & crackers, fruit and dips. It was indeed a grand finale to our Half Moon Bay visit!

Stay tuned as we conclude our 2+ month Bay Area stay and actually drive a couple hundred miles to our next destination as summer begins!

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