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Captain is getting excited as the sprinkles begin...

Tatoosh Island just outside Cape Flattery

Inside Neah Bay

As we enter Neah Bay, isn't it beautiful?

This is why environmentalists dislike clear cutting forests.

What is that sea lion doing?


Rip and tear.

Yes, we made it. After all the preparations, anxiety, warnings and cautions, we achieved our goal of making it to the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. Wow, we are blessed.

It hasn't been all fun (though mostly) but we have learned a lot, found that our production boat is a capable cruiser and passed 6,000 nautical miles just today. Yes, we moved aboard in late October 2007 and can now say we have navigated the contigous U.S. Pacific coast (and beyond). From Neah Bay (the northwestern most point in Washington to as far south as Zihuatenejo, Mexico, much of the Sea of Cortez and many points and ports in between we have now navigated. We wouldn't trade this past year for anything and only hope that we are lucky enough to see as many beautiful places, have as many wonderful experiences and meet as many helpful people we now call friends in our second year as we did in the first. I am still in awe of the whole experience.

As we approached Tatoosh Island and the channel buoy to the Strait of San Juan de Fuca I just felt relieved. This passage of 33 hrs. has been looming over us as the last long passage to make it to the Canadian border and the entrance to the San Juan Islands, our goal. Here we are in Neah Bay. We were greeted by a whale at the entrance of Neah Bay (I personally take this as a good omen) and a big sea lion munching on a large halibut next to our boat just as we tied up.

Tonight there are no night watches, there is rain, we are enjoying a bottle of champagne to celebrate our arrival, a German dinner of brats and sauerkraut including a Spaten beer, a heater on and to top it all off....we get to sleep together. Some of the most beautiful things in life are very, very simple. Thanks for sharing our journey with us.

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