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Sunset Over Whites City Campsite - Monday Night

Girls in Bed Tuesday Morning

Starting Our Hike on McKittrick Canyon Trail in Guadalupe Mountains N. P.

Trail View at Start - Dry Path

Trail Path View

View of Young Faxon Yucca

Bush Along McKittrick Canyon Trail

Steve With Walking Sticks On Trail

Kathleen Crossing McKittrick Creek

View of Crossing and Canyon

Steve Next to Mature Yucca

View of Blue Sky Through Tree Branches

Orange Maple Foliage

More Orange Foliage

Closeup of Maple Leaves

Steve on Stone Bridge

More Pretty Foliage

Path in Canyou

Rest Time on the Trail

Steve Further on Trail

Steve in the Foliage

View Along Trail

Foliage and Forever Present Prickly Pear Cactus

Canyon Wall View

Snack at Canyon Cabin

View from Picnic Table

Further Along the Trail

View Upward

Kathleen Amongst the Foliage

View Toward Mountain Top

Another Canyon View

Yet Another View

Colorful Branch

Steve, Yucca and Foliage

Kiss at Turn Around Point

Foliage We Enjoyed

One More Foliage Photo

Return Hike

Return Trail View

View from Visitor's Center - McKittrick Canyon is beyond the first ridge.

Van Horn, TX (79855)Weather

Information about Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Information about Guadalupe Mountains

" target="_blank"> Information about Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Tuesday, Nov. 6

We had a great day above ground today by visiting Guadalupe Mountain National Park just across the border in Texas.

We visited the Visitor's Center first and then drove back north to the McKittrick Canyon and hiked back 2.5 miles into the canyon to where Maple tree leaves were just changing to yield wonderful colors. See our photos.

Hike Boot Talk: Since the ambient temperature was hovering below 50 F, I chose to wear my Cabella-sourced, ankle-high hiking boots with wool socks instead of my KEEN sandals. After 2 miles into the canyon on small creek-rounded rocks, I could feel the big and small balls of my feet and toes ache.

My feet are spoiled by the sole shape of my KEEN sandals. There is a dimple in the sole where I have a ball so it feels like walking on mud where my whole foot surface is in contact with the shoe surface and there are not high pressure areas.

Last evening, we had a very nice exchange of experiences and ideas with our campground neighbors from southern California who sold their house and are full-time RVers having traveled to several areas in 2007. Their RV has 4 slideouts and is about 4000 pounds heavier than our Titanium RV.

They had visited some of the same places as we had and were at the adjacent campgrounds near Florence. We gave them the names of the campgrounds that we found very nice in Silver City, NM and Grand Canyon. They would merit 4 of 5 stars in my evaluation process. The campground in Whites City, our current site, would rate one point of a star and only gets this rating because it is at the entrance of Carlsbad Cavern's N. P.

On our hike back out of McKittrick Canyon, we met the same couple and asked several more RV questions that we had been discussing just before we met them on the trail.

Yesterday, the couple had spent all day washing their big RV and their 2007 3500 Dodge truck which really sparkled, so, at our weekly Walmart visit in Carlsbad this afternoon, 20 miles north, we purchased some cleaning supplies so we can remove the 6000 miles of splattered and hardened bug juice from the front of our truck and RV.

During our visit to Walmart while Kathleen shopped, the Girls and I stayed in the truck with my laptop and Sprint broadband card and sent our belated Nov. 5 Journal entry with cavern photos.

During our return from our source of all things, Walmart, the sun was setting over the Guadalupe Mountains. The view was fantastic with bright sworals of orange and yellow over half of the sky. We did not have our camera so you will have to take my word for it.

We have decided to leave this area and one-point-of-a-star campground tomorrow (one day early) and drive to the KOA in Van Horn, Texas to reduce the drive to Big Bend N. P. that we will do on Thursday.

I am sure that the landscape will be the same - dry and flat - but we will see. Our book-on-CD will keep the miles short.

Have a great Wednesday.

Steve and Kathleen

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