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Kyla the hard-core biker.

We arrived in Goreme early morning on Monday the 8th and will be staying here until Friday evening.

We have already had a few adventures - long walks in the region that the Sand People (from Star Wars) lived in, a day of moped adventures in the mountains and small villages, make-up and a head wrap applied to Kyla by a shopkeeper before she knew what was happening, Turkish pool sharkery avoided by an early departure to "meet up with the wife", a hot air balloon ride! Its been great to share it all with some great friends we have met along the way/ Friends we WILL be sure to meet up again with in London, or Prague, or Budapest...

We hope to upload stories and photos before Friday.

We have given some thoughts to the rest of our travel plans in Europe and plan to take in:

Turkey thru to Oct 25

Romania Oct 25 thru to Nov 2 (Brasov area towards Cluj etc)

Bratislava Nov 14 thru to 17

Vienna Nov 17 thru to 22

Czech Nov 23 thru to Dec 9ish (Ceske Bude/ Ceske Kromlov/ Pilsen/ Karlovy Vary/Prague)

London Dec 9 thru to the 11th or 12th

Ottawa Dec 12th ish thru to the 19th

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