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Now it's gone like the alps! The view changes in New Zealand...

We got the ferry across this river! The heavens opened from this...

Another random desert on the other side of the river. What's the...

Get your maps out folks!

After walking to the actual cape in the morning, we drove all the way through the northern Peninsula on Highway 1. We then followed the coast down the left handside of the country down to Dargsville, which meant that we had to drive through a huge forest and also take a cute little ferry, which reminded us of The Falmouth ferry.

From Dargsville (in the rain) we carried on back to the North Shore campervan park, where we stayed, sheltering from the rain!

It was a huge drive, taking about 8 hours in all. Although it doesn't look very far, the roads are often so bad that you can't really go above 30mph (50kph). Most of the journey reminded us of a Penines / Dartmoor kind of feel, but so much bigger! We drove about 300 miles today.

The Campervan is doing fine! We've got the hang of maintaining it (water / gas / electricity!) and Gareth is an expert with the table thing. We love the van! Helen has decided to call it Gordon The Bus. So now you know.

Thanks for all the emails that have come in! We don't always have time to mail everyone because sometimes the internet can cost a fortune (which we just don't have!). We want to say hi to all that have left a message and have emailed! And also a hi to all you lot who have texted us too!!

Finally a big well done to Chinky - who it seems may have actually found himself a missus back there in Penzance!! Could this be true? Please tell us the gossip!

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