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As I often do on travel days I woke up early, and after breakfast decided to go ahead and hit the road early, so at about 6:00am I was on the road heading toward Kerrville, Texas.

Lots of wind most of the way, at times enough that I considered stopping for a while, but didn't. The wind was coming from the south directly into the passenger side of the rig which puts an awful lot of pressure on the big awning. While driving along on I10 east of Fort Stockton I just happened to notice in the right mirror that there was a lot of movement on the front awning bar. I pulled over immediately and found out that the knob that releases the awning spring to allow it to be pulled out had somehow been tripped and about a foot of awning and the metal part attached to the rig were flapping around furiously in the wind. I must have caught it right after it happened because there was no damage, just a lot of flapping in the wind while parked beside the interstate. No way that I could drive it that way, so I puzzled about that situation for a while, and finally decided to go up on the roof and try to get the knob that had been tripped back to where it should be. I did that and it snapped right back in place and was fine the rest of the way. I worried about it for a while, but it worked out fine, and as far as I can tell no damage was done. Tomorrow when I pull it out will tell the tale about that. I slowed way down after that until the wind eased up, and adjusted the right upper mirror so that I could watch the awning as I drove. It moved around a good bit, but held. I'm going to have to figure out a way to better secure it in the future when driving in wind. I even thought about using duct tape to secure it in the middle where most of the movement was. Have any of you had this kind of thing happen to you, and if so what have you done to prevent it in the future?

I'm now camped at Guadalupe River RV Resort and it seems to be a very nice place. Lots of amenities and the people seem very nice and helpful. Great indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and workout area with some nice equipment. They have a saloon on site and it is a very nice one with lots of outdoor seating overlooking the Guadalupe River which adjoins the campground. The waterfront sites are really special, but all of them have already been reserved. I'll get some pictures of the campground tomorrow and post them. It's 69 degrees right now and very comfortable, and is predicted to get down to 59 degrees tonight with scattered thunderstorms. A lot of people have Christmas decorations up both inside and outside there rigs. It's quite a large campground and it seems like a lot of people spend the winter here.

Driving in wind is quite tiring and stressful for me. I still like driving the Dutch Star and it does quite well, but I was happy to get here and get set up. I don't feel all that tired right now, but would guess that I'll sleep well tonight. It was 390 miles from Carlsbad to Kerrville, but seemed like more than that probably because of the high wind conditions and worrying about the big awning. The awning is insured, but I really don't want to go thru the hastle of replacing it, not to mention the damage that it could do to the rig if it broke loose.

Tomorrow I'm going to check out Kerrville and maybe wash the rig and Ranger. They both seriously need a bath. After that I'll watch some football and just hang out for a while.

How about the VA Tech Hokies!! Very big win for them and now they move on to at least the Orange Bowl as ACC Champions.

Enough for now. I'm going to watch some more college football and then hit the sack.

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