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Alan on West Railay Beach, Krabi

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi

Ao Nang harbour

Lai Thai Resort

Fab swimming pool!

long tail boats (local 'taxis'

Relaxing on the beach

Sunset on the beach

VW "cocktail" van, Ao Nang

Having arrived in Bangkok at 5.30am we caught an internal flight to Krabi that afternoon. Had a scary moment when we realised that our cab driver was taking us to the wrong airport. Since the new airport opened in November last year, it has experienced serious subsidence problems on the runways. The consequence has been that many airlines have been forced to fly out of the old airport (Don Muang). However, our flight (Air Asia) had continued its routes from the new one. No-one had told our cab driver (except us - and he ignored us until we realised we were heading in completely the wrong direction. For the first time in five months, Alan completely lost his cool with the poor lad, who continued to shake his head and smile whilst Alan was ranting about missing our flight. Eventually, he got the message and, breaking all speed limits, clocking up considerably more Baht in the process, sped towards the correct airport. We made it with just 15 minutes to spare.

So we're now in Krabi, (mainly on the recommendation of our neighbour, Bob) having succumbed to an internal flight as a result of enduring two all day/night marathons by bus and train to get from Vietnam to Thailand. We decided we couldn't go North as that area of Thailand is currently completely smogged out with slash and burn pollution and the south is experiencing ongoing problems with, apparently, Muslim fundamentalists). Instead, we're staying in a most beautiful small 'resort' called Lai Thai

- a collection of small bungalows nestled between the mighty limestone karsts famous in the region. it also boasts one of the best swimming pools

we've come across in all our travels, so we can cool down and enjoy some fantastic views at the same time.

We've hired a small bike and been out snorkelling and seen an amazing array of tropical fish and corel. We took an afternoon/evening trip

with around 8 others on a long tail boat and stopped on a beach to admire the sunset

and saw literally millions of bats flying out of a cave at dusk (impossible to photograph well!) There is little evidence of the terrible impact wreaked by the Tsunami although we have yet to see Phi Phi island, close by and one of the most devasted in the region. Apparently, local hotels have yet to 'buy into' the advance warning system although there are road signs pointing out evacuation routes. Tourists seem to have found their way back to this part of the world, which is just as well as there are few other employment opportunities for local people other than tapping rubber and fishing neither of which pay well.

So just a few days left before we head back to Bangkok and the last couple of days before heading home. Alan's bought a book on Buddhist philosophy and I'm using the time to reflect on some of the incredible sights we've seen, whilst taking full opportunity to savour Thai cuisine!

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