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Entrance to the park.

Lots of colors.

I expect those domes will be tops of Mtn's in a few...


Seems to go on forever.

Actually, 36 miles roundtrip.

Mushroom looking rocks.

Then we came upon this guy.

And the rest of the family.

Wife and kid.

He just got up from rolling in the dirt. See the dust...

Outdoor escalator 2 levels to amphitheater.

The Madora Musical Theater.

Two Elk on the hill. Yes, they are real.

The performers and the star rides in on a horse.

The comedian and the star.

Performing Achy Breaky Heart. The men all had Mullet wigs. Funny.

Intermission stage.

Tribute to Veterans and America.

Theodore Roosevelt came to this territory to hunt in 1883. His love for the area is what helped to shape the conservation of policies that have helped to build the National Parks and land preservation across the US. This park was named after him because he had an established residence here and this was his passion to hunt and spend time in the quiet peaceful surroundings.

Today we drove around the south area of the Park. There is not a bad view anywhere. We saw lots of prairie dogs and a couple large Bison herds. Then we stopped in town and had a hamburger at the 'Maltese Burger Stand' in the center of town. We walked around some of the shops.

Mendora is also the home of the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Not sure if we will visit...maybe if Lewis and Clark had been cowboys :).

We are loving this weather. Mid 80's during the day and in the 50's at night. There is some humidity but it doesn't seem to bother us. If we were working or hiking in it I'm sure we would complain.

The last night here we attended the Medora Musical. You drive up this steep hill above Medora and parked. You then desend down two long outdoor escalators to a huge amphitheater. This was the 50th anniversary of the musical. The musical tells it's history as well as the history of North Dakota. Some of it's past performers where --- the Governor of ND, David Soul of Dukes of Hazard and Cat Perkins from the Voice. The people in front of us were from Rushford, MN., just down the road from Larry's hometown.

It was a fun evening.

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