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Pretty clouds for our drive today...

View to our left, pretty...

And the road ahead, we're on I-15 North coming into Mesquite shortly...

Mom getting ready to open her gifts...

She loves flavored jelly beans!

Dad's watching Mom, Larry's watching me!

A girls gotta have a new purse, right?

Hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl as much as we did! My honey invested in a couple of squares in a pool run by our nephew Bill. He actually had pretty good #'S & missed winning both $100 & $200 by just a smidge....bummer. Even though we were pulling for the Saints, that 3 point field goal with 5 seconds to go in the 2nd quarter cost him $100. And then, he needed Manning to score in the last quarter with all the time left in the world for $200! Boo hoo, ah well, we enjoyed the company and the eats were great. Bill prepared everything for the party. Meatballs, chicken wings and this chicken in green sauce mixture to put over nacho chips with guac, sour cream, beans cheese etc. It was awesome!

We enjoyed pulling for the underdogs as we all have fond memories of New Orleans. Bonnie and Larry lived there during their early married life, and Larry & I were there in 1984 for a business meeting. Turned out the 1984 World's Fair was happening right next door to the Hilton where we were attending our meeting. We had an interesting, wonderful time. And of course you can't do this town without doing Bourbon Street. Interesting place, LOL!

This morning we headed to Mesquite to spend the day with Mom & Dad. Today is Mom's birthday, so I prepared lunch, mexican food of course, and brought it along. She prefers pie over cake so we stopped for a double lemon cream (one of her favorites) from Marie Callender's to enjoy after lunch. Onyx was so excited to see them all. Joyce has a HUGE white cat named Diamond and Onyx has considered him her buddy since she was a pup. He's never quite as excited to see her as she is him of course! Dad looked good even though he hasn't been sleeping well. He has a doctors appointment on Thursday because Mom thinks he may have a touch of pneumonia. Hope not, he doesn't have much strength to fight anything off. If you are family, we'll keep you posted on his test results.

We're getting much done as we wind up our last 3 weeks here. The new bathroom sink and faucet are installed and the kitchen sink is on it's way. We got shipping confirmation today. Larry has one final doctor's appointment for a suspicious spot on his face and I still need to get the pressure tested in my eyes. Somehow our schedule is jammed for just about every waking moment! How can this happen for two retired people? Well, mostly retired. Larry actually has an appointment tomorrow and one the next day too! He seems to stay busy while we're 'home'. But as I've said time and again, we are so blessed....Wouldn't trade where we are in life today for anything.

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