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Weta Cave

Golum on the right and Em on the left!

Spot the difference.......Ludo isn't wearing a cape!

NOt sure what this was! it's good tho eh!

Thaaaaaat's better Ludo!

The dude from Narnia

When sheep go bad!

Reaaaaaaal baaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaad!!

Some props


A sword from a LOTR film


Ever wondered what's under a monster's loin too!?

Monster Tv screen

Today we thought we would re-visit Wellington seeing as we were there! so we went in to town and got a coffee in the place we liked last time we were here.

Then we decided to see if we could find a panel beater, which we did but he was choca block so we will try in the next town!

On our way out of Wellington we nipped in to Weta caves which is a little museum which is joined to the Weta Studios where they do special effects and make props for such films as Lord of the Rings, Narnia, King Kong, I Robot...the list goes on and on!

We then drove up to Wanganui where we set up camp for the evening.


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