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Silent movie cowboy star Tom Mix died on this spot in AZ

Beautiful country


Look at the colors


Studing solar energy concepts

The Biosphere

Where the people lived

One of the apartments



Rain forest


Basement support system

One of two" lungs" creating natural expansion and contraction of air in...

Outside of lung

Ocean reef

Yesterday we had a most interesting visit to the Biosphere2 project in Oracle AZ. This place is amazing and is in the middle of no where on our way to Tucson. You may remember back in the early 90's 8 people lived inside the Biosphere for 2 years and 20 days. Sealed off from the outside world they lived and did scientific studies inside this massive self sustaining ecosystem. The Bioshphere2 is the name for what is occurring now and they are continuing to study the world's environment in a controlled atmosphere. They use what they learn to apply to the world's environnment. The grounds were beautiful and they have "dorms" and class rooms for study. This was a very interesting place and a recommended stop if you happen this way. We are in Tucson and preparing for our 3 week NOMADS adventure. This is a mission project of the United Methodist Church. More on that with pics of our 3 weeks of FREE camping spot. Off to church soon with the two other NOMADS couples. Enjoy the pics.

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