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The cost of the room included breakfast. So it bloody should for that price. It was a fantastic spread that I took advantage off. I also took my toast with me wrapped up like Mum taught me on our travels. Considering the cost of the nights accommodation, I had to start finding ways of cutting costs. Having that for lunch would be a start.

So off towards Waterford on the N25 I went. Yep the home of Waterford Crystal. I found the place and went in a paid to join a tour. Before the tour started I had a chance to look around the store and the displays. I got some photo's and picked out something I would buy at the end of the tour.

The tour itself was very good and you get to see all aspects. There was quite a few situations where we saw the guys in action which was great to watch. Our tour guide was very informative and kept the pace good for everyone.

Once back at the shop, I headed over to grab the bowl. However I was informed that it was a brand that they owned but is not made here. Considering that that would defeat the purpose, I ended up grabbing a small seahorse which was around the same price.

Continuing down the N25 I headed for Cork. It's a big place and for that reason, held no attraction for me. So I drove around for a bit then headed off towards Blarney. I didn't want to spend so much on accommodation again so found a caravan/camping park. The car is a hatchback so I figured if the didn't have anything I could hire for the night, I would sleep in the car. That's exactly what I did. So for about 10 Euro I had a huge area to myself and not a bad view down to the paddocks. Other than heading back into town to grab some fish and chips for dinner, I spent the rest of the night in the car.

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