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Lou was nice enough to get up and walk me out the front and wait with me at the bus stop. We said our goodbye's and I headed off. I'll miss my friend and hope she has fun in Ibiza in a few weeks.

The next part of my trip though was something I never want to go through again. My system had decided that it didn't like the chicken pasties and I was praying for a quick trip to the nearest toilet.

That was the longest tube ride of my life. As some dumb skank had decided to stand where it clearly states 'luggage area only', I had to stand up holding my luggage. I kept pushing it closer into her hoping she would get the hint and sit down in one of the many seats available.

The stupid bitch wouldn't budge. Gravity was my enemy by this point and I was sweating from clutching my arse cheeks together so tight. There's an image for you! I knew if I was sitting it wouldn't be so bad but I couldn't leave the luggage as it would roll off and hit someone.

I will be forever so grateful that I made it to the airport stop and to the bathroom. But don't think I still didn't curse her under my breath and will have evil thoughts of her for some time to come.

It was a quick flight to Dublin and I got to pick up the car with relative ease. The only odd thing was that she asked me if it had to be an automatic. Well I had booked and paid the extra for one so bloody hell yeah.

When I finally found the car pick up spot I found out why she asked. The car was in the spot next to where it was supposed to be and dirty...inside and out. It has also been in many accidents and has lots of damage that they clearly are not if a hurry to have fixed properly.

I headed out of Dublin straight away and once off the M50 I got on the N11 and headed south to Wicklow. I liked Wicklow and had a bit of a look at it before heading further down to Arklow. That town although nice wasn't as great.

Wexford was my stop for the night. I was so buggered from a lack of sleep last night, hung over a bit, the whole toilet scenario and the flight, that I paid about $200 for the room. Trust me, my body appreciated it much more than my bank account. It was fantastic and I just laid on the bed watching TV till falling asleep.

Later on that night I ordered some seafood chowder for dinner in my room then got some more sleep. Bring on tomorrow when I will be fully rested.

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