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Off to London today. No sorrow in saying goodbye to Romania. The flight was fine and I had gotten word from Lou about instructions to get to her. So once I had my luggage, I got a sim card to call Lou and let her know that I had arrived.

I bought a three day travel pass which set me back 20 pounds. Add that to the 30 pounds I had just spent on the sim card and credit and I was already down about $130 before leaving the airport. This doesn't bold well.

So still disappointed that Lou had not come to meet me at the airport, I got on the Tube to go to the bus stop she told me she would meet me at. Unfortunately I then had to wait about 20 minutes before both she and Robyn arrived. Not a good start.

Lou looked great however as she has lost weight but the surprise was Robyn who has packed it on. I bet that is a sore issue with her as she was always the slim one. They then took me onto a bus and we took the long ride to their place. The bus smelt of vomit which I was then informed could have been the remnants of Lou's as she had lost her guts on a bus a few nights before. Gross.

They have a friend of Robyn's staying with them for about a month who they refer to as 'G' or Gooby. He has a mattress set up in the middle of the lounge area which takes up any sitting space. Lou gave me her room and she is bunking in with Robyn. Nice of Lou to do that for me.

Lou and I talked for a bit and I was informed of her new 'lifestyle'. She has certainly changed since coming here. She does seem happy though although there is definite tension between her and Robyn. The unit is very nice and I'm glad she is now in a place that is just for the two of them...when they aren't sharing with friends like me.

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