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Ye olde sweetie shop

Some more views

It don't look real do it!




The rugged west coast

Today we had to leave Queenstown! we loved it here, although we didn't do everything we wanted to we have to leave as we have to get to Franz Josef today.

So on the way out we swung by Arrowtown which was a gold mining town back in the day. It was a really pretty place and felt like you had stepped back in time with the shops that looked like something straight out of a Western!

After getting supplies for the journey at ye olde sweetie shop we were on our way.......until a tree got in the way of the back of the van....................yes it is official, I have had my first dink! So thats one point on my licence (that only counts in Australia) 1 speeding ticket and 1 bump.......not tooooooooooo bad! we are not sure if we are going to deny all knowledge or try and get it fixed yet as it's not tooooo bad!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaany way we drove for about 8 hours today, and when we got here it was so cold.....the coldest we have been yet! we didn't even put the back out on the van, we just put loads of layers on and went to bed!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!............


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