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Dawn at Whitewater Draw

Sunrise at Whitewater Draw

Beginning to take flight at dawn


A hawk looking for breakfast

A vein of color

Serious bird watchers


Bobbing for breakfast



A departing swarm of cranes


Mass exodus

The lighting was great



A soloist


Walking on air

A lone Blue Gray


Taking off in stages



Posing for us

White Heron soaking up the morning sun

This little guy greeted me back at the car


Spotted this hawk just outside of Whitewater Draw

Take a closer look - What a picture!

I see you!!

Beautiful feathers

Taking care of business - Don't watch

A little find

Bev and I got up early and headed out to Whitewater Draw Wildlife Refuge to experience the departure of 26,000+ Sandhill Cranes just after sunrise. The thermometer read right around freezing at 6am when we started out. Whitewater is approximately 22 minutes from the Queen Mine RV Park where we are camped in Bisbee. As we started out it was still dark. We arrived at WDWR as the sun was just rising. The Sandhill Cranes were just starting to stir and make noise. We spotted a hawk in the tree next to the path on our way to the viewing platform. It was still too dark for picture taking.

As the sun rose the cranes got more vocal and started stirring. Soon they were taking flight in droves in all directions. What a site to experience! It seemed as the sun came up the temp dropped a couple of degrees. We were dressed with enough layers, but our hands were like ice cubes and ached. We could hardly push the buttons down anymore to take pics. As we were departing, we spotted a white heron sunning and the hawk we had seen early was in plain sight for viewing. As we left onto the main road, we spotted a couple different hawks on the telephone poles. It was sooo worth getting up at 5 am and freezing our fingers off!

In case you are wondering where Len and J.C. were this morning, they were tucked in their respective warm beds. Len woke up with me, but said he has become an Arizona wimp and it was too cold for him to go with. Bev and I commented to ourselves that the guys would have spent most of the morning in the car with the heater on anyway. The guys can enjoy the pics along with the rest of you.

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