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So I had the car washed for a measly 15Lei and went to the hotel. With the help of the bell boy, I was booked in, back in my room and relieved that I could relax as I was now off the roads and the car was ready for pick up. It shouldn't have been that bad of an experience but Romania just doesn't make life easy.

I now refuse to believe that it is a poor country. They charge so much for everything like the petrol hitting $2 a litre in places. It's such a pity that what should have been a great experience for me of a place that I had looked forward to visiting for so long, turned into such a crappy time.

My recommendation would be to take an overpriced tour if you intend to visit. That's if you really insist on visiting. I was almost the only English speaking person I came across in my whole time here and most of the people are European. For them this place is do-able as it's not a far stretch from what they are used to or expect. But bad drivers, atrocious roads, smoking in restaurants, littering (like the guy that threw a glass bottle out his window into the middle of the road) and general expensiveness of what should be charging less, are not what I want from my holiday.

It's true I chose to come here and should not expect it to be the standards that I am used to but I didn't expect it to be. I expected it to be what the travel books and websites told me. One website did get it right. It said 'Why would you visit Romania?' Of course it went on to say some good stuff but it could have stopped at that line.

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