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Finally comfortable in a cable car.......untill it stopped and I freaked out!

View from the cable car

There's our van!!


So pretty.....

Not many people get to shake their hangovers off like this!

It looks super imposed doesn't it!'s not! this the Bungy you done??

Today we were suffering! I spend the morning hungover wandering around the campsite, not quite knowing what to do to make it go away!!! and I smelt of burger....again....bad times!!

It's freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold cold the mountains tops are now covered in snow! which is an amazing thing to wake up to! We decided to get our sorry asses up around mid-day and I thought a cable car ride might wake us up! and it did!!!! it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold up there that it practically blew our hangovers away!

As you can see the views are beautiful! and we are glad we went up. There was another luging track up there and as much as we loved it last time we wasn't tempted today.

After we went for a wander in to town and bumped in to Esther and Michelle and kind of agreed to go out again tonight.....but I am pretty sure we won't make it!

We decided to go to the cinema to fill our faces with popcorn and watch Watchmen......what a load of nonsense!! well it had it's moments but most of it was a load of ball hang! Ozz liked it!!

Then on the way home we saw a pub with a roaring fire that had 2 for 1 offers on pizza........Oh come on! we can't turn down free stuff we're poor travellers! so we sat right in front of the fire until our bellies were full and our faces were nearly on fire then decided to call it a night and went back to bedie-bys!

Lesson on the day, Drinking is bad kids!

Theeeeeee End


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