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Viewing tower on tram nature tour.

More gators than you can imagine

River of grass (swamp) below

View across the Everglade prarie


View of sawgrass prairie and waterway

This greenish spongy stuff is called periphyton

Our guide wading in the glades to handling the periphyton

The stick is to fight off any unfriendly critters...just in case

Smell the icky stuff...smells like mowed grass

Pretty weed and food for someone

Juvenile gators

Dormant cypress



Anhinga drying its wings

Pretty little monarch

Another pleasant evening dinner

The Shark Valley Visitor Center is located in the north area of the Everglades National Park. There is a 2 hour tram tour into the heart of the sawgrass region of the park. Well worth the cost of $20. There is also a $10 Everglades National Park Entrance fee. Still worth the money. The concessionaire also offers bicycles for rent.

The tour is 15 miles of flat paved road. Easy to hike, bike or ride the tram. The narrated tour is especially meaningful to the first time visitor. There is so much to learn if you are interested. Although this was our second visit, I learned even more this time.

The half way point of the tour is to a 45 foot tower that overlooks the vast spaces of the Everglade prairie and waterways, aka "River of Grass". When looking below, you will see more alligators than you ever hoped to. The more I learn and observe them, the more fascinated I am.

After the tram tour, we walked back along the last part of trail which runs along a canal teaming with gators, gator babies, turtles, and birds.

On the way home we took one of the "off roads" in the hopes to see more wildlife away from the highways and tourists. We were not disappointed.

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