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So back to Bran I go. I headed out pretty early knowing how far I was away and how winding the roads are. Glad I did because I also had to deal with a heavy fog in spots. The worst thing though is that now I have seen the horrid way these people drive, I fear every time I go around a bend, that a car could be coming my way...on my side of the road.

Eventually I made it there and got a parking spot. A guy approached me and let me know it was 2Lei per hour so I paid for two. He gave me directions while talking to my breasts. Not subtle mate. I nodded and left.

Walking past the stalls on the way to the ticket office, there is a range of stalls. Now you would think that as they try and palm this place of as Dracula's castle, there would be some really good souveniers. Not a chance. It was basically the same crap that they sell on the sides of the roads in small towns with a few 'Dracula' things thrown in. I did buy a magnet for Mum and a couple of shirts but that was it. Where was the cool shot glasses or crucifixes or even mini coffins. Maybe they should bring a Yankee in here to show them how it's done.

I paid my entry fee of 22Lei which included me being able to use my video camera. At least the price was reasonable. The castle itself was quite nice and very liveable. All but the spiral staircases which slowed everyone down. I quite liked it and would have liked to have spent a night there or have had a few less people around. Still I'm glad I went and saw it.

Having the road map, I found a way to bypass Brasov. I was not up to going through there again. It was back road and terrible of course but what road here isn't? I needed to get the car filled and washed so headed to Ploiesti which is a larger place on the way to Bucharest. As I had to have the car back by 11am tomorrow morning, I didn't want to be too far away from there.

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