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These shit cars are everywhere...and tha's one of there trains. Only one

Like the horse and carts, these four wheelers go everywhere as well

Cobblestone streets

The realization that I would not get any place to sleep for the night though, bought me back to earth. So on through the mountains I went through this small town and that. Exactly how far past Bran was I going to have to go before finding a place to call it a night?

I have no idea whet this place is called but through a lot of hand gestures, her broken English and lots of laughs, I had my room (10). I wondered why the window was wide open letting the cold air in but I think I have figured it out. Even though the window is double glassed to block the outside noise, if you shut that noise out...you keep the smell of gas in!!! They have one of those gas wall heaters that take forever to heat up. I think I'll keep the window wide open and hope I wake up in the morning. Glad that my will is up to date with all that Romania is throwing at me.

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