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Carpes at Chattahoochee Campground

We entered Georgia early in the trip

North Atlanta on I 75
This was on a Saturday morning!

We took the I 285 bypass

Bridge statues near Fort Bragg (GA)

US 27 is a beautiful road
But totally lacking in services and facilities

We entered Florida north of Tallahassee on US 27

Carpe Diem visits with Yost's coach

Hunt's Oyster Bar in Panama City FL

Local "charm" in Hunt's Oyster Bar

Sandi had 'em raw, Bob's were fried
Regardless, they (and the gumbo) were...

Sat, 18 Aug: A very, very long day...

Today was far longer than we'd originally planned. Circumstances dictated it as the route from Chattanooga to Tallahassee seems to be devoid of campgrounds, and has very few places to boondock. With the heat and humidity boondocking is not a viable option.

We departed the Chattanooga Camping World campground a few minutes after nine and hopped on I 75 south. Within a mile we entered Georgia. So soon that Sandi was totally unprepared to take our obligatory state sign photo and we have to settle for a "grab shot" out the side window.

The drive from the state line toward Atlanta was uneventful, despite the ever-increasing traffic. We ran into scattered rain showers, some heavier than others. Bob handled the Atlanta traffic with some aplomb, meaning minimal cussing but copious muttering.

We took the I 285 bypass west, and then connected with I 85 south and finally I 185 south toward Columbus. The intermittent rain continued and we slowed for several spin out accidents. These folks just don't understand fundamental laws of physics, especially friction, mass, and motion.

We switched drivers a few miles north of Columbus and Sandi continued south on I 285. In Columbus the interstate ended and we picked up US 27 south toward the Florida border. US 27 is a very nice divided road, but it totally lacks much in services and/or facilities. We stopped in Cuthbert for some fuel and parked there for a very late (after 1300) lunch.

Due to the lack of truck routes to the southwest we stayed on US 27 to Tallahassee where we picked up I 10 west to backtrack some forty miles to our final destination, Chattahoochee Florida. We arrived at the campground around 1735 driving 411 miles with an overall fuel economy just south of eight mpg.

Tue, 21 Aug: Getting to know you...

We've been busy the past few days getting to know this area of Florida's Panhandle. What we learned very quickly was the weather is pretty miserable. It is hot, and HUMID! It also likes to rain in these parts—a lot! Every day gully-washers pop up and it pours for a half hour or so, and then the sun comes out and it gets even more HUMID! Can't say it is a place we'd like to hang around in the summer.

Yesterday we got a pleasant surprise in the form of a phone call from Chris Yust. She and hubby Charles would be driving along I 10 and wonder if the RV park in which we're staying would have room for them overnite. A quick walk to the office confirmed that, not only do they have room, but the site next to ours is available.

So, a bit after 1800 they pulled in, got set up, and we headed into town for dinner at a local seafood restaurant. The food was good, but it was a bit of a disappointment as many of the menu items were unavailable. Whoever was in the kitchen was a master of the deep fryer. Ambiance? Yup, local style and oodles of it.

Today is a stay at home day. We reflected that we've been driving around in either the coach or the car six of the past seven days. We're enjoying some "home" time and using it to catch up on our laundry.

Fri, 24 Aug: A busy, busy week...

Today marks our last full day in Chattahoochee's Triple C Campground. It has been a very busy week, and we've learned some stuff about this area. Primarily, we've learned that August is not a very pleasant month. It is H*O*T and humid and it also rains a lot.

After the Yust's left on Tuesday we got caught up on our laundry at the park's laundry room. They have four washers (one of which is out of order) and three dryers. They charge $1.25 for each cycle so it wasn't too bad.

Wednesday we drove to Panama City to check out what that Gulf community offers. We liked the feel of the smaller community and the not-quite-so-hectic beach lifestyle. We had lunch at Hunt's Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant. It is a local place and they servied excellent gumbo and our oyster entree's were very good. Cheap it isn't, but the food was worth every penny.

Yesterday was the nicest day we've had thus far. The humidity had gone down some and the sun was out. More remarkable, it didn't rain.

We drove into Tallahassee to stock up at Costco and Walmart. Then back home to enjoy the air conditioning.

Today, as mentioned earlier, is our last full day here. We'll leave in the morning to head west toward Pensacola. If all goes well we'll connect with some folks we've known from the Winnebago 365 Club, Carolyn and Al. They have a large place northeast of Pensacola and have invited us to stay with them. We'll report on that on our next stop's listing.

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