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We could have driven directly from Las Vegas to Tucson, where we intend to spend the next two months, but there was no need to hurry and a favorite spot was along the way. Lost Dutchman State Park east of Phoenix, is one of our favorite places to camp. Perhaps because it is at the base of the Superstition Mountains, it gets a bit more rain that other parts of metro Phoenix, which means that the desert here is remarkably green and lush. The typical state park sites are widely spaced and when I look out our windows the view is a sea of green. The park is staffed by enthusiastic volunteers who rake your site before you get there and keep the place spic and span. The flanks of the mountains have many hiking trails, some about the right length and intensity for geezers like us.

We were joined on our hike by an old friend from home who moved out here almost twenty years ago and owns a gorgeous home with even better views of the mountains and desert. Her place would make Martha Stewart drool and we are always glad when she invites us over. Her margaritas are pretty good, too!

Rain was in the forecast, but we have heard this before when we were in Las Vegas and nothing became of it. It sounds like most of the rain fell in California and generated mudslides in the area that just suffered from the huge forest fires, but shortly before we went to bed we heard thunder and saw lightening and just enough rain fell to get our car and motor home dirty. Car washes are easy to find, but since campgrounds out here generally forbid RV washing, we may stay dirty for a while.

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