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We were up at 5:30 to shower and finish packing our bags. We placed the bags outside our door at 6:05, and headed to the lobby. Since we were leaving before breakfast began, they had two breakfast boxes for us. It consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich and a piece of fruit. I sat down, with the toucan watching me. The bird was wanting some early morning food. The staff removed the bird (I wasn't complaining) and ate my breakfast. I made the sandwich a half sandwich, and ate my apple. Jean did not eat her sandwich, but took her pear.

At 6:30 we were on the bus with Diego for our 10 minute ride to the airport. There was only one person ahead of us in line. We then spent about 20 minutes at the counter. I had checked in last night, so either the computers were slow, or she was just slow printing the luggage tags and boarding passes. Diego walked us over to the security point where we said our goodbyes.

We were so early, that there was no one ahead of us at either passport control or at security. We breezed through, no problem. We walked over to the Sala VIP lounge next to our gate and Jean used her Priority Pass card. We walked in, and we had the place to ourselves for quite awhile! So we relaxed, enjoyed the food (I got a small bowl of cereal), typed, and Jean read and ate a few things.

At 8:40, we exited the lounge and went over to our gate. We only had a short wait to board. It was a little confusing, since two planes were boarding at once next to each other, one for Miami (gate 10) and the other for Panama (gate 9). We passed through our gate and commingled with those for Panama. As we walked the open-air covered walkway, there were TV screens with which destination was for each plane. We then walked out to the tarmac and climbed the stairs up to our plane.

We took off on time for our flight back to the states. Yeah! English speaking people? In Miami? Jean had the window, and I had the middle seat. We were just about ready to close the door, and no one was sitting next to me. Then some last minute people appeared. I was lucky enough to have a little 5 year-old girl sit next to me. Her father/grandfather sat on the aisle across from her. She did not take up much room, and was well behaved.

We received a breakfast on the flight. We both chose the omelet selection. It could have been tastier, but hey, it's airline food in economy class. What do you expect? We had full entertainment for the 2 1/2 hour flight. I watched the Power Rangers movie. I expected a cheesy movie, similar to the TV show, but I was pleasantly surprised. Jean finished the Iron Lady movie, and watched the movie Table 19.

We landed at Miami and disembarked for our long hike to passport control. We were the only ones from our flight to use Global Entry, so we hit the kiosk, got our printout and breezed through to baggage claim. Unfortunately, our bags were not so fast. We had about 20 minutes before we saw any bags on the carousel from Cartagena. Our bags were some of the first to come out. A plus! So we were quickly on the way to the Miami Airport hotel. It was about 3:00, and checkin is listed as 4:00, but there is always a room available.

We crashed in the small hotel room to rest and watch some TV in English. Shortly after 4:00, we went into the airport to have dinner at Air Magaritaville. We shared a chicken quesadilla appetizer which was surprisingly good, then Jean had a Philly Cheese Steak platter, and I had the Crispy Coconut Shrimp. We shared a piece of Key Lime Pie for dessert. The food was ok. Can't wait for the Sandals restaurants great cuisine.

After dinner, we walked over to Terminal D to see where we needed to be tomorrow to check-in for American Airlines before returning to our room. We watched TV and played cards. We leave at 8:00 tomorrow.

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