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From Mare:

"The next day (26th) we said goodbye and headed west after stopping to see the "Dere", the meeting place for the followers of Donyi Polo, the traditional animast religion centered on the Sun and Moon. People all over the state fly flags with a red sun on a white background at their homes. This means they believe in Donyi Polo and that the Christian missionaries are not welcome!

We stopped at another village for awhile, but mostly we had to keep driving through the dense forest on the narrow, dirt, and twisty roads. Always a challenge when we met on coming traffic. Boro is a great defensive driver. He always honked on the blind curves, but others often did not. We came to the Subansiri River and followed it to the next stop, Daporijo, where the Nyishi Tribe live. Info on Nyishi Tribe Along the way we stopped briefly for breaks. I often would walk ahead to look for birds and see the trees and then they would pick me up.

We stayed at a new Hotel SinghikHere's The Place for the night. Much more comfortable than the homestay that used to be scheduled. The restaurant at the hotel wasn't the best, but after the long day it was nice not having to go out."


From Joey's blog:

"Our next day was spent driving up and down through the mountains until we reached Daporijo. It took us 10-12 hours to drive 140km. The road conditions here are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Picture a single lane road twisting and wrapping its way around all the curves of the mountains, into the valleys, over the rivers and on the most uneven roads. 6 people and their luggage in a Toyota Innova = bottoming out left, right and centre. I don’t think I can convey in writing how bad these roads are."

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