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Bishop Baraga - looks like he is on a spider

Nice little hike

Cool tree roots

Rafting on this river would be interesting!

Lovely Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River


Some trees are turning and some are not

So peaceful

Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls

Rugged canyon on Sturgeon River

What a great place to fish!

Wonderful colors

Some of the "golden" color shows on this cascade

Marquette, MI Today was moving day. We were sad to leave our cute little cottage but ready for more adventures. It took us most of the day to go 116 miles. We skirted the shores of Lake Superior and came upon the Bishop Baraga Shrine. Frederick Baraga was called "The Apostle of the Ottawas and Chippewas." Father Baraga came to the Upper Peninsula in the early 1800s and converted many Indians to Catholicism. He was also known as the Snowshoe Priest because he traveled many miles via snowshoe to get to the Indian people whom he served. To honor him, a 35 foot-tall statue of him holding a pair of 28-foot tall snowshoes and overlooking Lake Superior was erected. It is an unusual statue. The base looks like a big spider. Interesting. Later we decided to check out Canyon Falls. This required a short hike (less than 2 miles) down to a rugged canyon. The trail was sometimes through the woods and sometimes along the river. Some of the trees have turned color and it was very beautiful. It was a powerful waterfall. The tannic acid from the trees turns the water to the color of tea. The marketing folks call it a golden color that compliments the beautiful fall foliage. We are curious about the attributes the marketing people tout the rest of the year. We are accustomed to clear water - more appetizing when thinking about drinking it.

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