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cool building designs

Hall of Rememberance

more cool buildings

Luna Park entry

Australian version of the London Eye

SIGNS: a little bit of Christmas cheer

directions for cyclists

interesting combo

we passed by on the bus..but did not stop :(

a bit of lawn bowling

check out the rules about bathing your horse


St Kilda beach





FLIES-a big annoyance

One day is not near enough to see this wonderful city. There were so many options and so little time, I might have to make the Australian Open

a bucket list item so I can see and enjoy more of the parks, the Yarra River and the arts and entertainment that seemed to be abundant. We started our tour in Federation Square, proceeded past the Eureka Tower with the ubiquitous “cube” for standing 80+ stories up with only plexiglass around you, headed for the Melbourne Star Eye (like in London, Las Vegas or Seattle), on to Queen Victoria Market (closed on Wednesday much to my dismay-I love market photos!), passing quickly by the zoo-just did San Diego and probably can’t top that, past Chinatown and the Fitzroy Gardens and were back 120 minutes later to Federation Square deciding where to have lunch. Not really where—Italian is always in first place, but which restaurant in the 6 square blocks of the Italian section of Melbourne called Lygon St. Toto’s won-it was the first pizza place in Australia and was an obvious choice (crowded, lovely outdoor patio and lots of food options).

Then a walk back to the square to head towards the beach side of town. We went through Albert Park, admired the sailboats on the lake along with the gigantic aquatic center then passed the amusement park and the upscale shopping at the Esplanade to check out all the activity on St Kilda’s beach. In the 4.4 km hike back to our ship we passed Middle Park Beach, South Melbourne Beach, Port Melbourne Beach-all with sunbathers (this IS called the Sunburned Island), kite surfers, kite flyers, and FLIES. No one warned us about the Australian salute-waving ones hand back and forth to chase the abundant flies away. And will someone tell us if the “Life Saving Club” is comprised of those who HAVE saved lives or those who WILL save lives?

Here are the representative photos of Melbourne: Buildings, Beach, Signs and FLIES!

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