Mackinac Bridge, longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere

Mackinac Bridge

Flies on a rock

Flies on one corner of ther motorhome

Ross & Marge departed Cedar Springs around 0900 and headed for Mackinaw City, Michigan where they have reservations for four nights at the Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground. The campground sits on the shore of Lake Huron and the Mackinac Bridge is visible from the campground.

The campground is rated very high by Good Sam but after arriving they were not sure the person that did the rating was actually rating this campground. It a huge campground with over 600 camping sites for a verity of camping from tents to forty five foot motorhomes. The campground has paved roads but the sites are all gravel and grass and it is obvious it is an older facility.

After checking in they drove to their site, number 638, and while driving to the campsite they drove through cloud after cloud of flies. The flies look like mosquitos but neither Ross nor Marge believes they are mosquitos because neither of them has been bitten. However, the front cap of the motorhome, entry door, and some of the sides are simply covered with these flies.

Ross and Marge took the dog and walked to the beach to take some photos and they had to walk through a continuous cloud of those damn flies. Marge and Ross as well as the dog were covered with bug spray which helped a bit but not much. Every time the door to the motorhome is opened dozens of flies enter and Ross and Marge spend the next hour or so killing the damn flies. They thought the flies in Newfoundland were numerous but the numbers in Newfoundland pale compared to what they encountered here in Michigan. The one big difference is the flies in Newfoundland bite but the flies in Michigan don't seem to bite.

The drive today was good, traffic was light and the weather was cool with a thin overcast that seemed to threaten rain but with only one short five minute period that proved the exception there was no rain. The landscape was that of forests, farming, and a few very small towns. The roads were fair for about fifty percent of the time, poor for about twenty percent of the time and good for the remainder.

Tomorrow Ross and Marge plan on taking a shuttle bus to the boat dock in town and take the ferry to Mackinac Island. Automobiles and motorhomes are not allowed on the island so they don't exactly know what they will find for transportation on the island. They were told by friends in Walnut Creek that Mackinac Island is a must see so they are going to see what all the hub bub is about.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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