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Walking towards the town of Hontonas.

The water in Hononas was delightfully cool and tasty.

The coffee in Hontonas was delightfully hot and tasty.

One of many shots of the ruins of the convent of St...

Lunch photo number 1 at bar Manzano in Castrojeriz.

Lunch photo number 2 as above.

A nice garden in Castrojeriz with the ruined fort in the background...

The bridge over the canal showing the only remaining gate.

The section of canal that used to have lock gates for raising...

Our room in the Hotel Real Monasterio San Zoilo.

With the windows tightly shut we had 4 layers of glass between us and the Friday night partying going on in the streets below so all was peaceful. The room became a bit stuffy during the night but we both managed to sleep fairly well. In the morning it was all aboard the bus and a drive out of Burgos to a spot in the middle of nowhere on the meseta (high plain)where we joined the Camino. The aspect was flat farmland and the wind, whistling through the wind farm, made the sunshine a little cool. A brisk 3km walk brought us to the town of Hontonas where we invaded the coffee shop before peering into the 14C old church. These little towns rely very much on pilgrims passing through during the main pilgrimage months of August to November. We all made small donations to the church restoration fund.

Continuing on we passed the ruins of the Gothic Convent of St Anthony where the Camino passes through one of its spectacular arches. The weather was warming up now and we had another three km to our lunch stop at Castrojeriz a former Roman fortified town. Here we had lunch in the garden of the bar Manzano who kindly let us use the facilities in return for us buying their drinks. Works well for me! There was a ruined fort on the top of the hill overlooking the town but no one was minded to climb there. In the local church some of our number claimed to have seen a statue with some strange creature with a mermaid's tail and big nipples so of course we all went in to see this apparition. No one else managed to find this statue so we reckon that they were seeing things. This was before the glass of wine with lunch too!!!

After lunch we drove a bit more until we were let out at Carrion de Les Condes and proceeded for the next 6 km alongside an irrigation canal (Canal de Castilla) to the village of Fromista. Along the way we came to a bridge where there used to be a series of locks which could raise boats up and down the canal but the mechanisms and gates were long gone. All in all we walked about 18 km on mostly flat terrain and most people managed to do the whole distance.

Our home for the night is a hotel within the historic San Zoilo Monastery. The hotel is again a delightful place with nice big rooms and it should be quiet tonight as it is away from the town. In addition our room looks into a large grassy courtyard. We took some time to look through the actual monastery but signs forbade us from taking photos.

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