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Dawson City side loading point George Black Ferry

Opposite side unloading point

Top of the World Highway

What a mess!

Top of the World Highway

Top of the World Highway

Top of the World Highway - still snow on June 22

Top of the World Highway

Top of the World Highway


US/Canadian Customs 1 mile ahead

Highest point on Top of the World Highway

View from highest point

Looking back towards Dawson City

My RV and SUV

Waiting in line at Customs


Looking back towards Yukon



Top of the World Highway looking west

Welcome to Alaska

Top of the World Highway looking west





Chicken Creek RV Park

Chicken, Alaska

Chicken, Alaska

Chicken, Alaska

History of Chicken

History of Chicken continued

Taylor Highway South

Alaska Highway east of Tok looking west

Tok River Bridge

Alaska Highway just east of Tok looking west

I left my site at 06:55AM hoping to wash my RV prior to leaving. However, the RV wash only took $1 Canadian coins and all I had were the two dollar coins and no place to exchange them so I hooked up the SUV and headed to the George Black Ferry leaving the campground at 07:10AM.

I arrived at the George Black Ferry at 07:15AM. The ferry was just leaving as I pulled up. I was first in the RV line but a bus, a car, and a couple of motorcycles were ahead of me in the other lanes. They loaded and left at 07:32AM. I loaded at 07:50AM along with another RV and two cars. We started crossing at 07:53AM and I was unloaded by 07:58AM.

I drove the “Top of the World” highway from Dawson City, Yukon to Chicken, Alaska, and then the Taylor Highway south to the Alaska Highway and then west into Tok, Alaska. The weather today was beautiful. Low 60’s when I left Dawson City and 78 when I arrived in Tok.

6.2 miles on the Top of the World and the pavement ended and then gravel although other than being extremely dusty it was in pretty good shape for an unpaved road. There were stretches that had pavement but with frost heaves and potholes it was actually worse than the unpaved portion.

I saw a moose with her baby about 25 miles in to today's drive on the Yukon side but no wildlife on the US/Alaska side of my drive today.

I stopped at a turnout 64.2 miles that is the highest point on the highway at 4,515 feet and a mile from the US/Canada Customs.

I arrived at the border checkpoint at 10:20AM. I was the 7th vehicle in line. I finally got up to the Customs Officer at 10:45AM and was waved on at 10:49AM after the customary questions and getting an official stamp on my passport. Just past the border crossing is the Davis Dome Wayside with the “Welcome to Alaska” sign.

The drive from the border to Chicken is not for the faint of heart. The road is much narrower, rougher, with lots of steep drop-offs. The last 30 miles into Chicken were the worst. The dust and stones kicked up was unbelievable. I can just imagine the damage to my SUV had I not had the cover that goes over the grill and up to the top of the windshield. It was just covered with dust and stones when I arrived in Chicken. I stopped at the Chicken Creek RV Park – a hot dog and small bag of chips was $8.00.

I arrived at Tok RV Village at 15:10PM (gained one hour from Mountain Time to Alaska Time) at the border. Checked in and took the RV and SUV to the wash at the campground. $17.50 for both vehicles you wash yourself.

I ate dinner at Fast Eddy’s Restaurant just down from the RV Park. After dinner I drove into Tok and stopped at the Visitor’s Center and the one grocery store in town.

186.4 RV miles today. 6 hours and 52 minutes driving time. 3,673.8 miles from when I left Earp, CA to Tok, Alaska.

3.3 SUV miles today.

Note: When I did my planning for this trip I used Gas Buddy to get prices for diesel and unleaded based on where I would be by the miles driven. During the Canada portion of the drive to Alaska I had figured on $1,584.40 for fuel. The actual price I have paid is $1,149.44 - a savings of $434.96. Hopefully this will continue.

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