Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

St John church downtown Halifax

One of many double decker buses in downtown Halifax

On the parade route Canada Day Parade



Color guard for RCMP band

Canada Day parade

Canada Day parade

Cnada Day parade

Canada Day parade

Canada Day parade

Canada Day parade

Canada Day parade

Canada Day parade "Chill Bumps"!!!

Canada day parade "More chill bumps"!!

Canada Day parade "More chill bumps"!!

21 gun salute Canada Day

78th Highlanders drill team

78th Highlanders bag pipes

78th Highlanders in action

78th Highlanders in action

78th Highlanders in action

Lois and member of 78th

Neil and member of 78th

Changing of the guard every hour on the hour

Clock tower from the Citadel

View inside the Citadel

Another view inside the Citadel

Neil beside one of the many cannons on the wall of the...

Looking for the French, maybe?? Is that Neil?

Harbor view from the Citadel

Poodle with slippers seen inside the Citadel

Neat tour boat in the harbor

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 641 K)

Canada Day and a 21 Gun Salute in front of the Citadel

(MP4 - 947 K)

Canada Day and the military drill by the 78th Highlanders

Being in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada Day (July 1) is a really big deal!! We went into Halifax early as the Canada day festivities started early. We parked in the wharf area and walked to a choice viewing spot for the Canada Day parade. We found our friends from the Fantasy tour that are making the trip during the same time frame as us and we watched the parade with them. The city of Halifax was filled with people and parade route was very crowded but our viewpoint was front row and very good. This was mostly a parade of military bands and marching drill teams dressed in 1700 military uniforms. It was a sensational parade and we took as many pictures as we could but you had to be there to hear the drums and bagpipes. It brought goosebumps more than once!! The Royal Canadian Police were good, but the 78th Highlander drill team and marching band were probably the best. From here we went to the Halifax Citadel, which is a military fort that goes back to the 1700's. This fort has a complete military re-enactment within its own confines. Canada Day made it even better as special ceremonies were presented. It started with a 21 gun salute in front of the fort handled in full military protocol. Then the 78th Highlanders put on drill team procedures that was very impressive. We made a few movie clips of some of this and have included them with the pictures. The clips are in compact size and very short as this is the only way this travel log will allow it. We are also including pictures of the parade and other pictures within the fort. In the afternoon, we walked the Halifax boardwalk to the end and went into the Halifax Casino for supper as they have a great buffet. From here we walked back to the car and came back to the campground very tired after a full day of walking the Halifax hills. Halifax reminds us of San Francisco with all its hills.

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