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airplane to Cayo Largo see the Island below

The view from our window at the Sol Pelicano Resort

Over this walkway is the flour like beach and turquoise waters

The view through our palapa

Poco reading from his new book

Poco's new drum

Boy this backpack is heavy.

Playa del Sirena. It's a long way to walk to the water

Even thought I knew it was coming, I didn’t appreciate the early wake up call at 4:00 am. Fortunately Cory and Elaine had done all the packing the night before. I waited while they brushed their teeth and got dressed. After they loaded up all my luggage, and theirs, we started out along Obispo St in Old Town Havana. While this street is normally very busy with the hustle and bustle of activity, it is quite deserted at 4:30 in the morning. It was surreal to be walking alone along the quiet streets. When we reached the entry way we were approached no less than 4 times by people offering us a taxi ride. Of course we didn’t accept, as we were heading across the park to the Hotel Inglaterra where we would be getting our shuttle to take us to the airport. It was a short trip to the airport, and at 7:30 we caught the 30 minute flight to Cayo Largo. Now you will be pleased to know that Elaine has learned her lesson, and is no longer trying to smuggle dangerous goods on the planes. I was very proud of the fact that she followed airport security regulations and did not take her iron, toaster, or blender on the plan. Just imagine what she could do with packing tape and a blender? Good to know the skies over Cuba are safe. Hopefully people can wait before whipping up a Pina Colada. By 8:15 we had arrived at the Sol Pelicano resort, and were able to have some breakfast, and scout out the resort until our room was ready. As far as resorts goes Cory and Elaine told me this was mid size. After breakfast we headed towards the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. At first the sound of the waves crashing to the shore reached our ears, and they got louder as we walked along the walkway leading to the beach. I don’t think the sight of the blue green water will ever get old, no matter how many times I see it. As soon as I saw the sand, I knew what I was in for. Inevitably I knew I would be required to pose for a photo buried up to my neck in sand, and after the scorching sand of Montericco, I was not looking forward to this. You can imagine my surprise, when we stepped onto the soft white sand, that appeared to have been sifted like flour, and the best part it was not hot. I now actually was eagerly anticipating being buried in the sand, and feeling the soft powdery substance caressing my body. Later that morning Cory and Elaine met with their tour representative who informed them of some of the excursions available. They booked a half day catamaran trip for Friday. Cory and Elaine wanted some alone time, so they left me in the air conditioned room while they hung out on the beach. That evening they told me they had walked quite a distance on the beach, and over to the next resort – which appeared to be deserted. They described it as being a hidden beach which very few people go to. Thursday we hung out at the beach, and I posed for the usual photos. I must confess to feeling rather dapper with my new hat. I almost felt human sitting on the beach reading my new book. One other thing that bears mentioning that I hope gets resolved soon. Elaine brought two bathing suits. A one piece for diving and snorkelling, and a two piece for sunning. Canada wasn’t exactly in swimsuit season, when they left or she would have got another one or two. But no worries, sun, sand, surf, shouldn’t be difficult - right? WRONG. Apparently Elaine is not meant to be in a two piece bathing suit. It is almost comical watching her and Cory go looking for bathing suits. It has almost become an obsession like they are looking for the Hold Grail. Eager clerks are excited to have them walk into their shop ready to make a purchase, when they describe what they are looking for, the clerk brings some models for Elaine to try on. I just about fell out of the backpack when one store owner brought out an XL, and Elaine asked if he had another one for her other leg. Well, the search continues and as much as I am enjoying it, I will be quite happy when she finds one. I am sure that Cory will be the much happier one, as we know how much he enjoys shopping. Will let you know when we have achieved success. The rest of our days passed by rather uneventful in Cayo Largo. One conclusion Cory and Elaine came up with is that Cola is expensive in Cuba because when you order a rum and coke, it is RUM with a little bit of cola. Even Cory had to start asking for them light and then they were just right. We were sad to leave Cayo Largo after 6 days, but eager to head off to our next destination. We were not happy about the four hour delay in our flight. We should have been at Juan’s casa in Old Havana around 8:00 but arrived at midnight. Juan kept some of our stuff for us while we went to Cayo Largo, so we had time for a quick repacking, and a quick sleep, as we were heading out a 7:00 to catch the bus to Trinidad Cuba.

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