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You can't really see the full carnage here but Em's knees (and...

Noodles and bread. Our imaginary friends had imaginary steak and chips. That's...

Air drumming. Aparently I always look this gay when I air drum....

Our patriotic bed spread. Me and Em have officially slept with Nelson...

This morning we had put our names down for a horseback trek but seeing as Em couldn't move we called it off!!!

It was lucky because it was overbooked anyway though!

Today was pretty much self preservation (again!) but it's beautiful weather and the beer is always cold...

Oh we met up with Jack and Harriet today and aparently both of them had crashed out in a big way (seperately) last night.

We had to show Jack our photo's of the previous night to try to piece together what he did!!

Heh heh heh


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