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The Houseboat Capital of Canada

An interesting looking cliff

I called him Ranger Bear

Drivin' into Revelstoke


Snow Shed (Tunnel)

Ice Falls....

There's snow in those hills!

Kicking Horse Canyon and Rocky Mountain Sheep

You talkin' to me?

Mountain Sheep Crossing

Hey, wait for me!

After the mountain pass we start heading down the other side

The new bridge

Not over or around - just cut through the rock!

One of many mountains in Yoho National Park

More Mountains

Glaciers along the roadside

Ice Falls with a green glacial tint

Wild Rose Country

Interesting Rock Formations

The Three Sisters we believe

Do you see the eyes, nose and huge chin?

Heading towards Canmore AB

Bye Bye Rockies and Hello Prairies

Blue Sky Ahead

Hello Friends,

Yesterday we left Kelowna heading northeast towards Calgary. Once again we were very lucky to hit a weather window - it had snowed (a lot) the day before in Calgary and parts of the Rocky Mountains, but during our drive we had mainly sunny weather and dry roads! Travelling west to east in south central British Columbia you realize just how many mountains you have to go over and around before you find your way towards the prairies. The Coastal Range was a good starting point……but the Rockies are huge by comparison. This day we crossed 2 major mountain passes, Rogers and Kicking Horse, that took us way up into the snow and ice that likes to hang around up there this time of year!

Once again we passed through Sicamous, the “Houseboat Capital of Canada”. It is hard to believe it was just 4 years ago (Sept 2005) that we’d stayed here for 3 weeks with Peter’s brother, Dave – helping him work at Twin Anchors Houseboats. Along the way we noticed some interesting cliffs hanging over the road as well as a huge bear, who I named Ranger Bear. Just past Revelstoke we realized how bad the roads had been the day before when we caught this photo of a truck that had found its way into the opposite side ditch! It is a good idea to take it very easy travelling in these mountains.

We saw quite a few ‘snow sheds’ as we continued our trip. These sheds or ‘tunnels’ as I called them, covered the highway so the avalanches of snow can travel over the road and down the cliff instead of landing on the roadway and consequently on the vehicles. Considering their duty is to protect us as we travel – I was very happy to see them covered in snow – doing their job very well.

This drive is wonderful during the summer months with so many beautiful sights to see along the way. As we drove towards Golden BC we realized it has been about 25 years (back in 1987) since we last took this route! This time of year, winter to spring, brings its own beauty. We travel around another corner and catch a glimpse of ‘ice falls’ hanging on the side of the cliff. As beautiful as this is – it presents another danger – these clumps of ice like to loosen and fall on the road – a major hazard for us to be aware of.

Kicking Horse Canyon brings another picture stopping moment. Rocky Mountain Sheep have decided to hold a few of us ‘hostage’ as we wait for them to slowly wander across the road - stopping quite frequently to take a look at us – making sure we are behaving and staying captivated. A short distance later we drive our GPS crazy as we travel over the newest bridge (route) that was completed and opened sometime in the last year or so. She kept telling us we were driving off the road and she had to keep ‘re-calculating’! This bridge was too high for me to comfortably look over the sides but I did find it interesting how they cut through the rocks on the other side. This new route took away a number of corners and huge hills that were extremely dangerous, especially in bad weather.

Driving through Yoho National Park we notice a few more ‘picture moments’ of the various mountains. Around one corner we pass a glacier that was very close to the roadway and a short distance later we caught a photo of another ‘ice fall’ and couldn’t believe the green almost glacial tinge.

Welcome to Alberta – Wild Rose Country. A few more mountain pictures…..this first one caught our attention because it has these perfectly formed steps. Next Peter believes we captured the ‘Three Sisters’ range and after that we couldn’t resist getting a picture of this ‘head in the mountain’ – can you see the eyes, nose, and huge chin? Just outside Canmore we start heading down the other side of the Rockies and onto the prairies. After we left the mountains I took a photo in the passenger side mirror of the Rockies standing tall - way behind us. We made it through this huge mountain range with its cold, low clouds and threatening weather without a bit of snow or hazard on the road! Looking ahead we see blue sky and our next stop, Calgary.

We hope you enjoy the photos, Peter & Connie

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