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Air Museum at Liberal, KS

Bob by plane like his dad used to own

Land of Oz

Dorothy's House

4/15/08 – Logan, NM

Got some LP first thing in the morning and headed out to Logan. It was very warm today, but really windy. Luckily it was from behind most of the time, but then started changing to the side and made for very hard driving. After we set up at Arrowhead Campground north of town, we drove in to town and I mailed some cards – including a postcard to my great grandsons, Kasey and LOGAN, from LOGAN !!!

Watched the finale of Biggest Loser – sure happy that Ali won. Played some cribbage and walked the dog. Had to carry him from RV to the road so he didn’t get full of sand burrs.

4/16/08 - Wednesday

We were in 4 states today – New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Left at 7 a.m. and got to Hooker, OK about 10:30 a.m. It was really windy and we were driving almost straight into it, so we got off the road. After we set up camp in a 6-site “yard” in the middle of town, we drove 20 miles farther north to Liberal, Kansas, and went to the Midwest Air Museum (5th largest in the nation) and then out for Mexican food. After that we drove to the Land of Oz attraction they have in Liberal (Dorothy’s house, yellow brick road, etc.) and took some pictures from the parking lot. Then headed back to Hooker. Stayed over again on Thursday at Hooker because it was still so windy. Drove around town and went to the grocery store. Bob wanted me to buy a teeshirt that said “Hooker is a place to vacation, not a vocation”, but I passed... It was really nasty weather today – very windy, rainy and hard to open/close the door. This evening (7-8 pm) a couple more RV’s came into the park – so now it’s half full! Plan to leave here in the morning if the wind isn’t too bad and try to make it to Hutchison (about 200 miles NE).

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