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Oregon Sand Dunes recreational area was spotted just after leaving Coos Bay.

My Pacific Northwest summer look, 3 layers and a coat!

Enterin the Newport bar

Newport inside the bar with Hwy 101 overhead

Coast Guard Lookout

Coast Guard/Homeland Security boats ready to go!

Bay front sea lions. Notice the dock is sinking from their weight.

His breath was as bad as his teeth look

Thousand of commercial crab traps are being readied for deployment in November....

Mike on Hwy 101

Bar entrance from the 101 looking seaward

The Newport marina/RV park where we will be docked

Underside of the supports of the 101

The fisherman that caught our dinner will clean our tuna next

Rogue Nation...will report later on the beeraquarium

What a great trip. We are sitting in the Port of Newport on the Yaquina river. The surroundings are just getting nicer and nicer the further north we go. Best part - we are still in the U.S. Internet, phone service and the language are never an issue. Oregonians are some of the most friendly people we have ever met. Nearly everyone we meet strikes up a conversation and has time to chat...big change from So. Cal.

Our first day in town was spent walking the bay front where restaurants, shops and commercial fishing vessels are abundant. We took a shuttle from the marina/RV park where we are staying. After lunch at the famous fish house, Mo's, we walked back over the 101 freeway bridge. On the walk back we considered going to the Rogue Nation distillery (a well known microbrewery) for a tour where they boast a beeraquarium (what the heck is that?). As it was only 2:00 pm we decided to check it out another day nearer to happy hour as tasting is part of the agenda there. Fortunately, this led us to stumble upon a fishing boat that was cleaning fish and people were just stepping up to pick up their previously ordered fish. We bought a 9 lb. tuna filleted for $24 (best tuna we've enjoyed in a long time). As it turns out, lots and lots of people (commercial and sport)are catching tuna about 40 miles offshore from here. If they aren't catching tuna they're crabbing. Everyone in Oregon is a fisherman, even older women. They have REAL women here. No manicures or coiffed hairdo's, they do however possess at least one crab trap. I'm not kidding! They sit in lawn chairs at just about any dock watching and waiting. In the afternoons, we see women sitting in the RV park with a steam pot on an outdoor stove cooking their catch of the day.

We need to take a trip back to Ventura by 10/1 for a previously scheduled trip with family to Kauai. This will no doubt screw up our climatizing bodies but it will be a blast. We bought a little electric heater yesterday as the 52 degree cabin temp in the am was a little hard to take before coffee. Today we have a toasty 67 degrees. AH!!Because we will be gone from the boat for two weeks, we acquired a slip for one month. As liveaboards the monthly cost with electricity will be a whopping $275.00. So we are busy making arrangements on returning to Ventura soon and look forward to returning to Oregon in our own funky AWD Element(I love that car!). That's all for now folks.

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