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What are we doing back in Florida??!!

Well, it' was Chris's birthday yesterday and when we were in PA we thought "Wouldn't it be great to surprise everybody and go to her party.".... And, with Trev and I being the kinda people that we are we decided that was a fine idea and we would leave post haste. And we left the next day at 9am after a lovely parting breakfast with Anne and Alice and travelled 23 hours and made it to Chris's birthday.

We had been toying with the idea of coming back here for Thanksgiving and then we thought we should spend Christmas with Patti and the girls and so we've set up our RV outisde Patti's house and we're staying here for the next few weeks. We didn't tell anyone about our plans except for Joe, Chris's husband to make sure we would make the party so everyone else including our kids had no idea.

It was a great surprise and everyone is very happy to be reunited.

I would love to still be on the road. Not that I don't want to see everybody but my journey is not complete.There is still so much to see. I am hoping that the kids will be ready to leave again after Christmas.

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