Greg's 2007 Odyssey travel blog

Our campsite view to the south

Our campsite view to the north

Banff Springs Hotel

The Hoodoos near our campsite

Lake Louise Ski Gondola step off point to the observation platform

Lake Louise in the distance

Lake Louise in the distance (closer view)

Ann is a catatonic state - can't wait for it to be...

Arriving at the gondola start/end station

Closer view of Lake Louise approaching from the public parking lot

Lake Louise Hotel

Lake Louise

Folks canoeing on the lake

Swiss horn player

Pathway across the highway to allow wildlife to cross

Socks got me up at 6AM this morning. He was anxious to see if there were any of those pesky varmints (prairie dogs) nearby. He checked every hole to see if anyone was home. Fortunately, he found no one.

We all had breakfast and then Ann & I headed out on the Trans-Canadian Highway 1 toward Lake Louise. We got there around 11:30 AM and headed for the Gondola ride at the ski lodge. It was made up of chairs and gondolas. We took a gondola as Ann's deathly scared of heights and especially in an open chair. At the top of the lift was an observation platform overlooking the Lake and all the mountains that surround it. Apparently, a glacier formed the lake. The view was stunning. We sat on a bench at the platform edge for at least 30 minutes, trying to absorb it all.

When we got down, we went into the lodge for a buffet lunch. Afterward, we drove down to the lake itself. We only had to walk a few hundred yards to the lake's edge. Again, the view was overwhelming. We again sat there for half an hour to try to absorb it as well. There was a man in "costume" playing songs on his very long mountain horns - just like in the movies.

We then headed for the coach in Banff NP. When we got there, Ann took Socks for his neighborhood watch walk-around and relief tour. We are settling in for the day. I have to find us a place to stay in Calgary the next 3 days. I'll be on line tonight.

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