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Lake Tekapo Church

The monument to the sheep dog

Lake Tekapo with Mt. Cook not visible

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square (2)

Cathedral Square (3)

Christchurch Botanic Gardens with the museum in the background

Rutherford's Den

As a pre trip message I will say that we are headed to Christchurch through Cromwell and Twizel (twEYE-zel). I will probably spend three days here but am not totally sure. This is the big city of the south island but from Lonely Planet NZ there doesn't seem to be too much to do. I will have to find some trouble, because I think that the Rangitata rafting trip has shut down for the season.

I made it to Christchurch. The drive was long and not too exciting because the PA system in the bus was fried so we got no commentary and no music. Our only major stop was at Lake Tekapo where we saw "The most photographed church in NZ". I will post a photo later, but the views around it and from behind the altar are cool. I am at the Base Backpackers in the center of town and will explore the few major sights over the next two days. Keep checking.

I spent 2 full days in Christchurch and really enjoyed the city for what I saw of it. Cathedral square is cool and is an awesome meeting place for a small city (only about 400,000 people in this city). I went to the Canterbury Museum and got lost for a couple of hours looking at Maori history, Antarctic exploration, and a few other topics. I went to the art gallery (I haven't been to an art gallery in probably 15 years) and saw some good art and a lot of crap. I went to the Arts Center and saw Rutherford's Den which is an homage to Ernest Rutherford, a Nobel Prize winner and a former professor at McGill University. I also wandered around the botanic gardens, which were drab at this time of year, but it was a nice walk. I ended my time in Christchurch by catching part of the Rugby Union Super 14 Final match between the Canterbury (Christchurch based) Crusaders and the Wellington Hurricanes. It was a fog bowl and many fans actually left the stadium because they couldn't see the match. Canterbury won, which I guess is good (is it?).

My overall impressions are this city are that it is scenic, but not a high energy city unless you really dig rugby. It would be a good city to live and work in for a while so that you could get a true sense of what the city is like.

My next stop is up the coast in Kaikoura, which is just up the coast.

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